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Name: Peter (12-Mac-2014)

One in a million... I've seen her several times in Sydney and I couldn't ask for a better girl.. She is breath-taking and somebody you could spend the rest of your life with.........


Name: JamesR (10-Apr-2014)

I love and enjoy meeting you in Korea. Hope to meet you again in Korea. JR


Name: dean todd (23-Jan-2014)

hello dean here form New York, im replying to your email! thank you very much for getting back! I still cant forget our time and now im interested in long term relationship,does this interest you at all?if so come back asap!i like you alot!and would love to meet again! dean xx


Name: James (22-Apr-2013)

I met SeReena last night in sydney- it was my first time with a TS and she made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. She has a beautiful body and is very sexy. I had a wonderful time and will definitely see her again


Name: adam vince (26-Jan-2013)

Had a wonderful time with you the last time we met, Left me wanting for more, beautiful human being and One of the best escort around, thanx SerReena.


Name: Anas Anas (14-Jan-2013)

I met her in Dubai. It was my first time to meet a ts and I enjoyed it. Down to earth girl who does not mention time or look on her watch. She is stunning and I would love to meet her again. Love her to bits.


Name: Jean paul (03-Sep-2012)

Charming, friendly, and sexy.The 2 days that i spent with SeReena I felt as if with my intimate girlfriend, who knows how to satisfy her man.Waiting eagerly for the time to visit Beirut Again


Name: bobban (28-Aug-2011)

when will you come back to Melbourne again


Name: Thomas Antonio (23-Aug-2010)

A true Sweet Heart, Very Very Sensual, Exceed any expectations, trully GFE, can't miss such a date where ever she is, Very highly recomanded., Hope to see you very soon princesa.


Name: sheen (17-Jul-2010)



Name: John (13-Feb-2010)

SeReena The best... You are stunning and i enjoyed every moment with you...


Name: all (16-Jul-2009)

My Best Time In Beirut.... Please Come back...


Name: gerrlfc (16-Apr-2009)

hey there... thank you for the lovely time in istanbul... it was great and yeah you asked if i would again, yes i would. she is gr8 and very personal


Name: simon irish (10-Nov-2008)

Hi babe i still think of the night we met in dubai, i will remember it and you for ever a sweet girl


Name: Nikos 35tslover (18-Oct-2008)

can't wait to see you coming back in Athens Greece ! do you plan back here ?


Name: shebshah (29-Jun-2008)

Its great to meet you.... My best time in Dubai


Name: Melbourne guy (16-May-2008)

SeReena! Thank you so much for the most wonderful time I've ever had, have not been able to stop thinking about you - please come back to Melbourne soon!!!


Name: BobBlatex (14-Apr-2008)

Loved our time together in Sydney.. You are the most beautiful transsexual I've ever been with.


Name: marjan (13-Apr-2008)

Hello i must say that you are very sexy and the most beautiful shemale , let me know when you back to dubai


Name: ali ali (12-Apr-2008)

hi Sereena i love you and i want you comming to jordan you are very very very very very beutiful tranny


Name: Trans Selena Lopez (10-Apr-2008)

Hi Darling, mmm just checkng your site for first time and i must say we just love it! Pic are not amazing THEY ARE FREAKING HOT AND REALLY REALLY STUNNING!!!!!!!!! Soryy i havent called you back been busy with work and all but il try to call you later. love Selena xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Name: mohaned (19-Mar-2008)

I don't talking to much just a few words for a girl who has a great character. (( go east , go west, Sereena is the best)), i felt must to say it (see u again in dubai))


Name: frank b (25-Feb-2008)

hey babe was wondering if youll be back in perth any time soon.


Name: Fabio (04-Feb-2008)

Hi SeReena I miss u! Remeber me? Mission Impossible in London! Big kiss and don't forget me!  P.s: waiting for your reply and u in London!


Name: Saeed (18-Jan-2008)

Missing you alot sweet heart don't forget to send me an e-mail when you coming here to Dubai. best regard


Name: ts evana (14-Jan-2008)

girlfren....i miss u...call me back once u read this and text me


Name: Jocke (04-Dec-2007)

Hello Darling!Waiting for Your next visit!You are wonderful,sexy och the best one!!!Many kisses and Love Your Jocke


Name: evana (05-Sep-2007)

The most beautiful and loyal ts i ever knows !


Name: Jocke (30-Aug-2007)

Hello Darling!I miss You so much!I am waiting when You come back!I want more sex!t was so wonderfull and fantastic!Many ksses to You Darling!!!Jocke


Name: pitou (11-Jul-2007)

hello, you are so cute!!!!Please contact me when you are in Brussels (Capital of europe!!


Name: chantelle rouge (05-Jun-2007)



Name: pino cicco (26-May-2007)



Name: tarik (17-May-2007)

hi sereena l am from TURKEY 22 age remember our Ãnniversary sweetheart....


Name: Pome TSLuv (24-Feb-2007)

SeReena, you are the hottest t girl I have ever seen. Love spend the weekend getting to know each other inside and out


Name: nayef (13-Feb-2007)

hi want you in qatar or in bahrain sweety tell me if you come back.


Name: Joshi (09-Feb-2007)

Such a woderful girl ! The definition of Sex !!! Bye ;-)


Name: greg ory (25-Jan-2007)

if you are ever in sydney please let me know. so beautiful.. would enjoy giving you pleasure


Name: nastyguyz (16-Dec-2006)

u so sexy and beautiful. I enjoy booked you.


Name: ivan patrick (08-Dec-2006)

hi sweetie, do u remember me< Please do stopping at spore..


Name: Eddie (28-Nov-2006)

Hallo SeReena I see you finally arrived back in after your world tour.It's such a long time since I last saw you in London.You are still so very beautiful.Some day maybe I hope I'll see you again


Name: Marc FABRIC (24-Nov-2006)

I missed you last time in Paris.. Do you think it is possible to be unlucky two times ? Love you to come back.. !


Name: AM PJ (05-Nov-2006)

Hi SeReena, Am here.Nice talking to you on the phone.Im looking forward to have do a Photo Shoot for you at my studio in the city. You are just such a beauty and sexy.Hope i can meet you while youre in town.


Name: jason (22-Sep-2006)

babe u r the finest woman i have ever seen. I want and enjoy to get close to you so bad i love you sexy!!!


Name: Lilbeat (07-Sep-2006)

Oh my god! ure so hot! i love fucking you...


Name: moody (27-Aug-2006)

Enjoy having you in dubai.... please call i want to arrange a meeting again.


Name: Tidy34 (25-Aug-2006)

Hi SeReena I habe Booked SeReena. Had a great time you are definately the best ladyboy i've been with very sexy beautiful tits and a gorgeous cock. Next time i'm in London i'll book you for the night. xxx


Name: tarpgez (08-Aug-2006)

Hi SeReena:-) You are just such a beautiful girl with a beautiful mind and body! Thank you for giving me the most sexy moment in my lifetime... Keep on going Reena. I wish i could rediscover the moment i spent with you:-) Kisses:-)


Name: adil10 (30-Jul-2006)

SeReena such a one define transsexual, i want her.... hope to meet her again in berlin. love adil


Name: ben h (13-Jul-2006)

SeReena is the most perfect partner i ever have meet in copenhagen, sweet , intelligent and sexy, it will not be my last visit. She is the type of girl i easyly can fall in love with.


Name: Peter (10-Jul-2006)

Hi Dear! I meet reena in Stockholm, she absalutely gorgeous, I hope you will be back.... Love Peter


Name: Jamie (22-Jun-2006)

SeReena is worth every second you spend with her! A great look and a sexy and very feminin body. She made me feel well and comfortable. Reena delivered a real GFE!! (GirlFriendExperience). We'll meet again when in oslo!


Name: Laffen (20-Jun-2006)

Today I am going to meet with SeReena in oslo city, this gourgeous looking lady; and I am excited. I will put my self in her hand and enjoy the ride. It must be a fantastic day. Looking foreward to you SeReena!!!


Name: Jon Daniel Andrews (23-May-2006)

Hi wow she is really sexy and i cant wait to meet her again, as soon as i can.  I hope to here from u and any more imfo you may have, thanks and keep up the good work i look forward to meeting you in the future, hope every1 else enjoys themselfs too.


Name: Eddie (20-Jan-2006)

I have spent lots of lovely long hours with SeReena. She is the most beautiful,passionate, sexy, and adorable ladyboy you could ever meet.I certainly will see her again and again.I reccommend all you shemale lovers go get her quick whilst she is still here in London


Name: Mariah (16-Jan-2006)

Hi my friend, you are so sweet I hope to talk to you again soon.


Name: Eddie (21-Dec-2005)

I am the Aristocratic,Elegant, Sophistocated,Wealthy, man. I demand always the highest standards of service. And after 48 hours with Reena,I must say that she is the most intelligent,exciting,and sensual companion who exceeded all my expectations.


Name: Michael (19-Dec-2005)

Hi im Living in LA but if your going to be close such as San Francisco please send me an E-Mail so i can arrange to visit . Thank-You ..


Name: Eddie (15-Dec-2005)

I booked SeReena for 48 hours. I believe the most beautiful girls on the world are in SE Asia. And the most beautiful girls in SE Asia are ........ And the most beautiful girls in ....... are boys. And this is why I love Ladyboys. And SeReena is the most beautiful of all.


Name: Postgraduat (09-Dec-2005)

You look so sexy, I want to have fun with you and satisy my fantasy, contact me when you are in Dubai, for sure I will book you


Name: James (08-Dec-2005)

Drop me a mail when your are in Tokyo, I'm intersted to explore my fantasys with you again!


Name: Andy Ober (14-Oct-2005)

wow you are hot would love to get with you again when i am in New York in febuary


Name: Karl radke (14-Oct-2005)

WOW WOW WOW you are very sexy and beautiful.